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bmw n57 reliability

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 BMW N57 Reliability. Levi Original Poster 55 posts 40 months. How strong are they compared to the M57? And how strong are the timing chains?

Touring 1, posts months. Chains are better than the N47, but still a concern. By k it's not a bad plan to replace - I've seen them so worn that valves are just touching pistons.

N57 and N47 engines share the same chain, chain tensioner and a guide rail, not the sprockets though. The N57 is more reliable than the N47 but less than the M There has been the odd bearing failure in N57s. You often see ex Police N57 engines cars for sale that have either had a new engine or are in need of one.

Would you expect an N57 to lastmiles with frequent servicing? Yes, but by k I'd really be replacing the chain and guides. Hard driven cars and especially d's knock the cranks out. Like all BMW engines, they're just not as tough as the old stuff.

JWH posts months. Isolated examples mean almost nothing but My d is on k, I've owned it from 56k and it's had a thermostat and an oil filter housing in that time. I'm quite happy with that. How long do the timing chains, turbo and DPF usually last on an N57? Or if you plan on keeping the car a very long time are you just better off with an N53 naturally aspirated straight 6?

BMW N57 straight-6 diesel engine

If they get blocked due to a fault with the engine operation they can be cleaned by either a forced regen or a chemical clean. Then the new DPF blocks again. Still pulls like a train and uses no oil. Great engine!

bmw n57 reliability

AZCollins 20 posts 23 months. I have a d with an N57 in it. My car has k miles on the clock. Check the gearbox changes smoothly and consistently if its an auto is my advice. My d is on k and was running great until it developed a noisy rattling in what appears to be the top of the motor, no lights or apparent performance loss. My daily commute is motorway miles.The news came yesterday like a thunderbol t, but with a closer look, the BMW Diesel software problem is a completely different than other manufacturers.

The more details come to light, the clearer it becomes: the story has unbelievably bad timing and is viewed by the public with some certainty, similar to the exhaust emissions scandal at Volkswagen, but the background and effects are completely different.

First, it should be noted that in contrast to the diesel issue in other brands not hundreds of thousands or even millions of vehicles are affected, but only 11, vehicles with the no longer built Triturbo diesel. These 11, vehicles are distributed over four niche models with the hp top version of the 3. In the X5 and X6, an exhaust aftertreatment with AdBlue injection is used, in addition to the NOx storage catalytic converter.

This was not required for the Md and d to meet all emission regulations. However, due to human error, the engine software for the X5 M50d and X6 M50d was also mistakenly used on Md F10, F11 and d F01, F02 — eventually resulting in problems with exhaust gas purification because the AdBlue injection was not installed in the non-SUV.

The problem was not discovered by the KBA on its own, as Spiegel originally announced. Rather, BMW noticed in internal tests that some units of the Md and d received by mistake the wrong software updates.

It was not a nationwide issue, which is why not all Md and are affected. BMW informed the KBA about the problem and plans a recall of all models to be sure to have all the Md and 75od with their intended software on the road again.

A deliberate manipulation is definitely out of the question, according to BMW, who issued a lengthy statement. The BMW Group has found in internal tests that a correctly developed software was assigned to some unsuitable model versions by mistake. As a result, the BMW Group informed the responsible authorities immediately.

The corresponding software has been developed correctly for vehicles with a combination system of SCR and NOx storage catalytic converter. However, this software was mistakenly used in model versions whose active exhaust aftertreatment takes place exclusively via a NOx storage catalytic converter.

These models were equipped with the correct software at the time of their initial registration at the start of production in Therefore, the BMW Group plans to recall 11, vehicles. Corrected software will be provided for these vehicles after approval by the relevant authorities.

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Affected are niche engines of the already expired model generation of the BMW 5 Series and 7 Series from the years of construction from to with the high-performance diesel engine N57B30S1 with three turbochargers.

In detail, these are:. The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig might have just put another nail in the coffin of Diesel engines. The eagerly awaited verdict of the Federal …. Particulate filters have been around for quite some time now and they are mostly known for helping out diesel engines meet stringent emission regulations. They …. Next post BMW to recall 11, cars to fix their engine management software.

German cities may impose diesel driving bans in the future The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig might have just put another nail in the coffin of Diesel engines. Certain BMW Petrol Engines Will Get a Particulate Filter this March Particulate filters have been around for quite some time now and they are mostly known for helping out diesel engines meet stringent emission regulations.The N54 began production in and first appeared in the BMW i; inthe N54 was introduced along with the i and i.

However, most applications built in still carried the twin turbo N The N55 officially replaced the N54 in with the exception of the 1M and Z4 35i.

BMW Diesel Software: Official statement on the N57 engine

Although the engines have many similarities this post will highlight the key differences between the two. Arguably, the most significant difference between the N54 and N55 is the turbochargers; the N54 bolsters true twin turbochargers while its N55 counterpart carries a single twin-scroll turbocharger.

Each 3 cylinders on the same firing cycle feed an individual scroll of the turbocharger which reduces exhaust reversion. Reversion is the process of exhaust gases entering the combustion chamber as the gases interact with each other; this creates higher temperatures, less power, and higher emissions. So what does all of this mean? A twin scroll turbocharger increases efficiency thereby decreasing turbo spool time, increasing power, and allows the cylinders to run cooler.

Despite the benefits of a twin-scroll turbo as compared to a single single-scroll turbo, a true twin turbo setup mirrors the benefits of a twin-scroll turbo. As with the twin-scroll, 3 cylinders feed each of the two turbos thereby reducing reversion. From the factory, both the N54 and N55 engines produce similar torque and power bands. Although, this does not lead to a significant difference — the N54 and N55 each produce minimal turbo lag and feel similar to a naturally aspirated V8. On stock applications both engines perform roughly the same despite the difference in turbochargers.

However, when comparing the N54 and N55 mod-for-mod the benefits of a true twin turbo set up become evident. Mod for mod the N54 will outperform the N A large reason for the switch from the twin-turbo to twin-scroll turbo is cost and complexity.

Two turbochargers with all of the associated hard-ware are more expensive and require additional space. This is always a touchy subject when it comes to discussions about the N54 and N Simply put, the N55 is more reliable.After far too many years I've finally started to update this site again.

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Existing pages will all be updated. I promise, it'll have been worth the wait. Your ideas for content are very welcome. I am a true BMW addict. For me no other car combines the build quality, handling and style of a BMW. Until you've driven a well set up rear wheel drive car you don't know what you're missing.

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Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 F11 D N57 Engine failure! Prev of 4 2 3 4 Next. FFRacing Original Poster 35 posts 97 months. Hi guys looking for some advice please. Since then the car has been serviced by my local specialist Using genuine parts and VAT registered garage that I know well and everything has been done before required, never run low on oil, always warmed up before going quickly etc etc.

It happened as I was pulling up from a mile commute and I was about yards from home at the time so I pulled up and had a listen. To me it sounded like top end but a chat with some of my more experienced friends said bottom end.

I got the car recovered to my specialists who also thought bottom end. They thought that BMW might offer some goodwill on the work needed so at this point I got it recovered to Sytner Harold Wood just over a week ago now. Dealing with Tom in service who seems very helpful and keen to do everything possible to get sorted although very busy so quite tough to get him on the phone.

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They stripped the engine down last week and have found the big ends on 1 cylinder have welded themselves to the crank, they inspected the centre main to check for running on low oil and confirmed it was all okay. They are suggesting new crank, rods, bearing and piston rings. Fingers crossed when I can get hold of service they will have good news on goodwill although the silence is making me think that might not be the case so now looking into my other options.

Should this kind of problem just be expected? Rebuild current engine at specialist, fit second hand engine, sell the car as is and obviously take a massive hit on the price for it not running? It seems hard to find the correct engine and a chap I know who owns a breakers said the demand is high for this engine recently. Thanks James. I'll be interested to see the outcome here.

Being brutally honest, if you get any goodwill I'd be pleasantly surprised. You've bought an AUC then taken it out of the dealer network for servicing which may be the nail in your coffinwhilst not running a warranty. The car is now almost at k miles. On the other hand I agree you shouldn't be seeing this kind of behaviour either.

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They did say as long as the garage is Vat reg and uses BMW parts and have the invoice trail then they have to treat it the same Obviously I was happy to hear this but not sure how correct it is! Got everything crossed! Does anyone have any recommendations for BMW engine rebuilders? Gosnays down the Southend road by Mawney avenue are a reputable builder. Not sure on their familiarity with this engine though.

I've no idea then, sorry. I only know of decent places oop North. Right well it took a while but all sorted! I gave the go ahead and they also put me in a very nice brand new D as a courtesy car.

bmw n57 reliability

Roughly 3 weeks later I got the call to say its all done and ready for me to collect.Forums New posts. Garage New media New comments. Resources Latest reviews. Log in Register.

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New posts. The M BMW's best kept secret. Thread starter ccbsecu Start date Dec 21, Forums Engine B57, N57, M JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Nov 26, Hello All! Long time lurker in this forum, and recently decided to join the group. Every TDi I own has been tuned for maximum power and torque. Less than 10, M57's d's we sold here in the US during this period; however the M57 was used globally in various platforms and even in the X5d here in the US. Fuel mileage was rated at 36 mpg's for the highway. A changeover valve regulates when the LP takes over. Unlike the N54 and N55 - the turbos are integrated in such a way that changing out to larger turbos or even a single is a huge challenge more on this later.

Unlike the N54 and N55 i, the lack of demand or popularity for a dieselas well as an iron fist EPA policy pushed BMW to stop offering a diesel here in the states. Every diesel BMW must have a carbon cleaning and walnut blasting around 80k miles or so. Once the car is cleaned and deleted, see below - you never have to worry about this again.

Or use DEF Now - on to the good stuff!! For starters, it's different. Unlike the N54 and N55 - the M57 has never really been pushed to it's full potential. Over the last 2 years, this has drastically changed. These cars are now being supported by a handful of knowledgeable tuners and part specific shops.

Additionally - VW bought back most of the 2.

Bmw N47 Reliability 2019........... Can It Be Reliable STILL In 2019

It was really a perfect storm of events that led to a quick explosion of 2nd generation d owners who are looking for an economical car with a superb delivery of power and balance.

I sourced my d just before VW bought back my VW 2. The d was bone stock when I purchased it see pic. I knew before I purchased the car - I have every intent to completely delete all emissions, straight pipe the car and have it tuned.

Here in my state, I only have a safety inspection On stock turbos, upgraded FMIC, straight pipe exhaust - these cars can make around whp and about wtq.

Not bad for a diesel car! The best part - with the Emissions deleted, the car can get upwards of 45 mpg's! Not satisfied with this power level - I decided to go all in for a big power. I wanted more power and wanted to see what it could really make.User Name Remember Me? BMW diesel reliability? At least that's what I can gather from owners.

The way I see it however is they are more needy then a Honda and require prompt service on the expected mileage intervals. I'm fine with that since I've been doing just that with my vw tdi and haven't had any problems yet.

The M57....BMW's best kept secret

But let me get to the thread's title. How reliable are the bmw diesels? I can recall issues in the UK with the 2. The chain is between the engine and transmission so it's not a easy job to fix. So I'd be really curious to hear from actual owners of these cars. Any 2nd hand things that you've seen from other bmw owners? Any common issues to watch out for?

Last edited by ATR; September 30th, at Fuel Economy: Who cares? Great fuel economy comes as a bonus! Originally Posted by ATR. Last edited by n1das; October 1st, at Thanks for the story book post Very informative and pretty much all that I thought that was reality from a maintenance perspective. Having test driven a d once I can say they can really put a smile on one's face I was laughing upon leaving the parking lot at the dealership because of the crazy amount of torque snapping the rear end out Then the fun police kicked in and stopped that tail from doing a unplanned doughnut on the main road.

I really liked it, used low milage. Decided to go with the VW, for 3 reasons. In no particular order 1 price could get 1.

Still thinking I would consider BMW in the future. Originally Posted by n1das. Intake clogging aka Carbon buildup CBU has occurred in d and in a few others. Most often it happens due to the same factors that lead to intake clogging in TDIs.

Find More Posts by cevans. Originally Posted by cevans. The carbon buildup thing is a big issue.


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