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Inav cli commands

Published by Mr. This article is currently based on iNav 2. This document is currently a work in progress and not complete. I recommend checking with the iNav WiKi to check for missed steps. I will not be held responsible for any issues that occur. The first thing you need to do before setting up iNav is to find out the correct target for your flight controller. To do this, open the iNav Configurator and plug in your flight controller. If iNav is not already installed, you should be taken straight to the CLI tab.

You will be presented with the current firmware version and target of the flight controller, for example. Next select the target from the top drop-down box, followed by the version that you would like to install. There are a couple of things I should mention with regards to updating, some depend on how big an update is being performed.

There are some stages that I gloss over, but they are covered in more detail later on this page. The first thing I always do before performing an update, no matter how big, is connect to iNav, go to the CLI tab, and enter either, for a minor upgrade:. Another example of backups being useful would be if your flight controller dies, you can just set it up a new flight controller, perform the calibration, and write your backed up settings dump to it. Minor version updates, for example 1.

The only difference is that after downloading the firmware from the internet, I will read the release notes to see if anything has changed that may effect the settings on the board.

For example, in a past release, the developers changed the multiplier on the current sensor by a magnitude of 10, so previous settings of 12 would now bethis allowed these devices to be tuned more accurately.

iNav CLI variables

Any changes that may effect my settings, I make note of and correct after flashing the firmware. With major version updates, I do things differently. Usually major version updates change the way things work, and older settings may cause issues. Compare the 2 dumps and the differences should be highlighted. Go through the differences between the two dumps and make a decision on whether or not to copy the old value from your previous installation to the new.

If you want to use your old values, insert the value into the new dump file. You should very much treat this as a new install, and test everything thoroughly. Perform the calibration and write previously backed up settings dump for that version to the flight controller. The first thing I do in the initial config is to calibrate the accelerometer. The first time you do this, it may not actually take a reading, but post a brief explanation of what to do.

This time it will record the position. The next step is new with iNav V2.This allows you to free up a whole UART for something else. If you run into any problem or have any technical questions, you should always contact your FC manufacturer first.

Here are some common usage of Softserial. Note that, Soft Serial port number starts from 11, which means, 11 is Softserial 1, 12 is Softserial 2.

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For inverted S. Just try both if you are not sure. After making these changes, you will need to switch off the FC by unplugging the USB cable and batterythen switch them back on. Sometimes softserial needs to be power-cycled to work properly. Not working? Please try resetting the board and follow the exact instruction again. You might need to restart the FC by disconnecting the USB cable and battery, then turn it back on for it to start working. Hey Oscar, I have a short question.

Now I need a second one for run cam split mini 2. So what is this S5 and S6? Can you help me?

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So now I have drone voltage in my goggles! Oscar, great tutorial as always!!! That got ripped of the FC. Not sure if the FC is done or there is a way to run the receiver from the board.

Thanks in advance.


Can I use softserial 11 as tx and softserial 12 as rx and enable runcam protocol on both soft serial ports in betaflight configuration? Yea softserial should work.

Thank you very much Oscar. With this explanation I was able to configure my Mantis85 to have smart audio to contorl my new VTx. You rock man. Ok so I got the beeper swapped to soft serial on a f3 whoop pro board. I pulled the rc pad off. I planed on taking this same approach with the R9mm. I dont care about telemetry, but I can still get rssi like I did with the x4r-sb correct? Thanks for your time.

I would like to use a flight controller that only has the 4 motor outputs in each corner because they are cleaner and just use UARTs to run servos with the cam stab feature and manual control with channel forwarding. Do you think UARTs would support this function? Can i resource that signal pad to another pad that isnt specific for a motor signal??? Need an idea. It really depends on the FC design, you should consult your FC manufacturer or get in touch with Betaflight dev team.

This is very helpful. I ripped off the pad and would like to use an open UART. Will the soft serial work in this situation? Soft serial is not good enough for timing critical applications like RC link.

Use a hardware UART for it.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. See the other documentation sections for details of the cli commands and settings that are available. Alternatively, use the diff command to dump only those settings that differ from their default values those that have been changed. When restoring from backup it's a good idea to do a dump of the latest defaults so you know what has changed - if you do this each time a firmware release is created you will be able to see the cli changes between firmware versions.

It may be good idea to restore settings using the diff output rather than complete dump. This way you can have more control on what is restored and the risk of mistakenly restoring bad values if the semantics changes is minimised. To perform the restore simply paste the saved commands in the Configurator CLI tab and then type save. After restoring it's always a good idea to dump or diff the settings once again and compare the output with previous one to verify if everything is set as it should be.

The following values are available:.

Betaflight specific CLI commands

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Sign up. Branch: master. Find file Copy path. Raw Blame History. Accessing the CLI. Send a character. To save your settings type in 'save', saving will reboot the flight controller. To exit the CLI without saving power off the flight controller or type in 'exit'. To see a list of other commands type in 'help' and press return.Skip to content. Branch: master. Create new file Find file History.

inav cli commands

Latest commit. Latest commit ee04f6f Mar 19, You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

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Jun 14, Mar 30, Updating blackbox documentation. Jan 6, Balanced stick position graphic. Jun 20, Feb 4, Add Wind Estimation paper by William Premerlani. May 27, Add clarification that agreement between dev and vendor must be reach…. Jun 4, Disable not used targets. Dec 3, Autotune - fixedwing. Apr 23, Feb 18, Naze and all it traces removed. Board - Airbot F4 and Flip32 F4. Jul 17, Board - AlienFlight.Any flight controller can be used for fixed wing builds, however flight controllers specifically designed for this purpose will make the build simpler and require less additional components.

For example, using a flight controller designed for multi rotors on a fixed wing setup usually requires an additional 5V regulator or a BEC for powering the servos, while flight controllers designed for planes will provide an independent 5V line to feed the servos. Flash the latest version of iNav using the iNav Configurator. Do an entire sensor calibration. Level should be the angle of the plane itself when flying straight. Do not skip this step. You connect each servo to the corresponding PWM output on your flight controller.

Keep in mind servos positive wire should go to an independent BEC instead of connecting to the flight controller itself. Check that when moving the sticks, the right channels moves in the receiver window. Also everything should be centered at us, and full stick movement should be us. Use sub trim and travel range on your TX to set this up. Note: Check the following in Manual mode formerly passthrough mode.

In the other modes you won't see full deflection on the bench. Note: In the Servos tab servos are counted from while in the Motors tab they run from The controls surfaces needs to move the same way as the airplane is moved to counteract and stabilize the airplane.

You may need to temporarily triple the amount on P-gain on Roll, Pitch and Yaw axis. So its easy to see movement. Stick arming is considered unsafe for fixed wing models. In iNav the default RTH height is 10 metres approx 32' which might be too low for flying sites with trees.

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Setup failsafe mode. If you select your receiver to go to RTH mode in modes tab, it will not control throttle if throttle is zero. Setup the right failsafe action. Take a few minutes to read through how the different Flight Modes affect the model in the air.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Mixing rules determine how servos and motors react to user and FC inputs. INAV supports various preset mixer configurations as well as custom mixing rules. The mixer can be configured through the Mixer tab of the graphical user interface or using the CLI commands mmix and smix.

To use a mixer preset first select the platform type then the mixer preset matching your aircraft and either press the Load and apply or Load mixer buttons. The Load and apply button will load the mixer, save it and ask to reboot the flight controller.

The Load mixer button only loads the preset mixing rules, you can then edit them to suit your needs and when you are done you need to press the Save and Reboot button to save the rules.

Watch this video for a detailed description of the GUI and the documentation bellow for more details. The platform type determines what features will be available to match the type of aircraft: available flight modes, flight modes behaviour, availability of flaps and displayed types of mixer presets.

inav cli commands

A motor mixing rule is needed for each motor. Each rule defines weights that determine how the motor it applies to will change its speed relative to the requested throttle and flight dynamics: roll rate, pitch rate and yaw rate.

Guide: Flight Controller CLI Commands

The heigher a weight the more the input will have an impact on the speed of the motor. Refer to the following table for the meaning of each weight.

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The mmix command is used to list, create or modify rules. To list the currently defined rules run the mmix command without parameters. The other parameters are decimal weights for each of the inputs. To disable a mixing rule set the throttle weight to 0. At least one servo mixing rule is needed for each servo. Each rule defines how a servo will move relative to a specific input like a RC channel, or a requested flight dynamics rate or position from the flight controller.

The smix command is used to list, create or modify rules. To list the currently defined rules run the smix command without parameters. To disable a mixing rule set the weight to 0. If Logic Condition evaluates as falsesmix rule connected with with LC will not be active and used inside the Mixer.These settings are specific to betaflight. Another video on this option: Betaflight Camera Uptilt Compensation.

This is the internal gyro filtering value. The lower the value the more buffering and delay will be introduced to gyro. Hardware lowpass filter for gyro. If you have to set gyro lpf below 42Hz generally means the frame is vibrating too much, and that should be fixed first.

Values outside of supported range will usually be ignored by drivers, and will configure lpf to default value of 42Hz. I don't recommend it. I just added it to be there in case someone wants to play with it.

The beeper off flags command is replaced by new textual representation using beeper command. Examples: To disable all beeper scenarios:. Note: A copy paste from the CLI does not work and gives "Invalid" due to too many spaces between 'beeper' and the name. Just delete the extra space so there is only one space before hitting 'enter'. Decreasing the value might help with drift in horizon and level modes.

The value of 60 should be fine on most multirotors.

Bind your SPI receiver via Betaflight CLI

It may be possible that very noisy setups could benefit from lower values. Should not be needed. Especially not from 2. This enables a running average of the RC commands stick values from TX.

The status command is used to give a brief overview of the health of the Flight Controller. One of the most useful readings is the CPU percentage. Boris gave it a proper name. There is basically a choice between 2 types of delta.

Denom is always a divider of the max loop rate 8khz.

inav cli commands

Don't forget to check CPU usage when playing with this value. It is highly recommended to use the 'looptime' in microSecond box in the config GUI. This takes care of all the required settings.


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